Ground Search

CSI Pro™ Ground Search Metal Detector

Garrett CSI Pro Ground Search Metal Detector Garrett CSI Pro Control Panel

The newest tool for evidence recovery.


  • All terrain versatility: Weatherproof housing designed for dusty, humid or wet environments. Unit is fully WATERPROOF TO 10 FEET (3 meters).
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination™: Allows user to set iron discrimination to one of 40 levels for precise ability to separate good targets from trash.
  • Pro Audio: Proportional audio and Tone Roll Audio features allow user to hear subtle changes in a target's response to better judge its conductivity, size, shape, depth.
  • Fast recovery speed: Allows greater ability to pick out desired targets amongst trash items.
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 Target ID scale offers increased ability to distinguish one target's conductivity from another.
  • Iron Audio™: Allows the user to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector's mid-tone signal's range.
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: To determine target depth.
  • Graphic Target Analyzer™ (GTA): Identifies target's conductivity.
  • 15 kHz frequency: Improved detection of small targets, gold, brass, lead, etc.